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Tools and Product 

We have made the list of the most affordable and effective ways to maintain your Ceramic Coated Vehicles.

Note : Material and information on this page is for general information only. Song Auto Detail will not be liable for any misuse, inaccurate and incomplete information present on this page. Also, this will not guarantee full duration of the coating 

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1. Wheel Bucket:

2. Wheel Cleaner /tire cleaner:

3. Wheel Brush :

4. Detailing Brush :

5. Tire Brush :

Steps : 

1. Rinse with wheels with water 

3. Fill your Bucket with water 

3. Spray wheel cleaner on the wheels

3. Clean tires with a Tire brush

4. Cleaning inside of the wheel with an EZ brush

5. Agitate and clean with a boars hair brush

6. Rinse your Wheels 




2. *Grit Guard:


4.HONEYDEW SNOW FOAM ( Regular washes):

4.CarPro Reset ( When Dirty ) :

5.Drying Towel:

6.SIO2 Sealant:

Steps : 

1. Pur Grit Guard in the bucket 

2. Put Soap and 2 towels in the bucket 

3. Fill your bucket with Water

4. Foam it down with a foam cannon 

5. Let the foam sit on the paint for a couple of minutes 

6. Rinse with water 

7. Foam it down again 

8. Fold wet and lubed towels into 4 and use one side on one panel 

9. Gently Washing in Straight lines motion

10. use the second towel for the bottom portions of the car 

11. Rinse the Vehicle with water

12. Dry with a drying towel  



1. Karcher 1700 PSI Pressure washer:

2. Foam Cannon:

Foam Cannon :

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